Book a Mortgage Review

A Few Notes About Our AI Bot

Obviously, this is a demo, so none of your conversation will be acted upon or kept!

Alex has been designed to make that all important first contact with a lead, put them at ease, ask them pertinent questions as to their remortgage situation and to ultimately book a Mortgage Review call.

Alex is an AI Bot. She will do the above 24/7, professionally and politely. She can be primed with your company ethos and made to sound like your best salesperson. Talking of which, whilst Alex is prospecting your new and old leads (ask us about these), your sales team are freed up and re-employed simply to close super warm, booked appointments!

How Are Our Clients Using AI?

AI Bots like Alex are being introduced by forward thinking business to increase their "speed to lead" response times and to nurture new leads to the point of closing, which is where the humans step back in.

As well as nurturing new leads, AI bots can be used to re-activate old lead resources and repeat clients databases that are sitting dormant.

At Traffic This Way, we specialise in creating pre-qualified new business leads for growing businesses. Employing intelligent, targeted digital advertising campaigns, we deliver in volume, to a fixed budget across a wide range of business sectors.