Fresh Revenue From Inactive Leads

Does your business have old, inactive leads sitting in your database collecting dust? We can reactivate these leads using intuitive AI Sales Bots and funnels generating revenue from a resource that had been effectively written off.

The goal of a reactivation or re-engagement campaign is marketing to people who previously engaged with your business but haven’t done so in a long time. This can include people who signed up for your newsletter, bought something, visited your website, and created an account, or any other action.

Why Should You Use Database Reactivation Campaigns?

  • Increase Revenue & Profitability
    because these are existing relationships, your marketing costs to generate these sales are typically much lower than the costs of acquiring a new customer.
  • Improve Client Relationships
    During your database reactivation campaign, you are also likely to strengthen the relationships you have with existing customers.
  • Collect Important Data
    A database reactivation campaign, will provide a wealth of new data. You can use it to figure out why customers go dormant and how to avoid it. You can take this a step further by obtaining specific information on why certain competitors are preferred over you. Use this information to your advantage when planning future campaigns.

Why are Database Reactivation Campaigns so Effective?

  • You Already Put in the Effort
    One reason to use a database reactivation campaign is that you have already made an effort to reach out to them. While you don’t want to fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy and continue to invest in a losing strategy, a database reactivation campaign can ensure that the initial time and financial investment were worthwhile.
  • They Are Already Ready
    Consider the fact that a database reactivation campaign will target people who have already interacted with you. This means that they have already taken the important step of reaching out in some way. Essentially, they have already shown interest. Because these people already are familiar with your company and its services, they are easier to convert than a new customer.
  • You Already Have Data on Them
    Depending on how these unactive customers interacted with you, you likely already have valuable data on them that you can use to help with reactivation. Using this data lets you create a highly targeted marketing strategy. For example, you can target them with emails, text messages or display ads focusing on educating them about your services.

How We Work

Traffic This Way engage in database reactivation on a commission only basis. Once a commission rate is agreed, simply hand over the data and we will start working our magic. What’s there to lose!

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